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BREWER, T.S. (1996):

Precambrian Crustal Evolution in the North Atlantic Region. 376 S., div. Abb.,
[The main topics include: Archaean and Proterozoic crustal growth, orogenic processes during the Proterozoic, geochronology of Proterozoic tectono-thermal processes, and provenance of Proterozoic sediments.]
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NICHOLSON, K. & HEIN, J.R. & BHHN, B. & DASGUPTA, S. (1996):

Manganese Mineralization: Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Terrestrial and Marine Deposits. 352 S., sehr viele Abb.,
[Precambrian to modern manganese mineralization. More than 20 papers about occurence, origin, mineralogy and geochemistry, a.o. the ferromanganese concretions of the Baltic Sea.]